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1. Futuristica project B :

This is an eye catching act. It is a 10 minutes of entertaining extravaganza. People would go dazzled with the “wow” factor of the act. Here, he performs with some high end Lasers and specially designed Illusion gear. Not offered by any artist in India, this act has eyeful of moments. Some of the special effects are specially designed by BIJOUX.

The whole act happens over a platform specially customized by BIJOUX himself. He manipulates each beam on his terms and they dance to his tunes. He bends and twists the Laser beam, pushes it, pulls it, throws it in the air like a Frisbee which returns to him to be converted into small dot like orb. As if that was not enough to take the viewers’ breathe away, he dances with the beam and much more which will be a feat for the human eye.

2. Laser Story Board Concept.

The concept itself gives you goose bumps! Here he works again with some smart Dancing moves, combining magic and technology which makes him a brand of his own. Here he uses orb of light as his prop. Now, this prop (the orb of light) actually goes into his eyes and ducks out of his ear. To add to your bewilderment, the orb takes a 360 degree turn clockwise and anticlockwise to return where it all took off. And at certain point he actually throws the orb of light into the audience and it comes back like a Frisbee taking a 360 degree turn.

he audience gets perplexed every second as this one is a well thought act. This involves highly qualified Engineers who have worked with him to develop it.

3. Disc Magic:

Oh yes!!! This one is a little different. It was the first ever to happen in the Indian Television Industry. He was the first one to perform “The Magical Disc Act” for the Indian Masses on SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISON. Anu Mallik and Farah khan, the two maestros of Indian cinema, were the judging the show. They were truly overwhelmed by the whole act as it was something bizarre which they had never witnessed.

Here he gets some 80-100 cds from thin air. Sounds quite complex but the answer is “YES” he did it when the whole nation was watching him making them go nuts over the brainstorming performance. He says People still ask him how he did that. He smiles and tells "What is told into a man’s ear is often heard hundred miles away”.

4. Ball and cards manipulation (The B Manipulation):

This act is an old school. He says, “If you aspire to be a magician, start with these. They are best for the work outs. It helps you to exercise your mind and body.”

This act he calls it as “The B Manipulation”. He started his career with this act, gaining the confidence and interaction in front of 1000-2000 people in first glance of his “magical” career. It was a tricky step to take, he adds: “To perform is much easier than to fool the audience”.

The act is loaded with some color changing effect, fire effect and some 100 playing cards popping out of thin air etc... This one is more entertaining with no complication, plain performance with good music-magic and dance.