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I have spent 14 yrs of my life creating movements that make even the most profound imaginations feel amateurish. Toying with space was only the beginning of my game. They say that dance is a form of meditation and how true they are, for my enlightenment came from movement. The little cheats I used to build my choreography, one day, gave me the directions to the world of hallucinations.

††† So how are illusions created? Itís not my secret to tell. But I must let the world know that it takes infinite hard work to bring the surprise and disbelief to ones face that only lasts for a few moments in expression. None the less itís a mystery for a life time that u get to wonder about. And as much as one would give an arm and a leg to find out how what he saw happened, we wouldnít want the ambiguity to leave our lives, would we? It has taken years of hard work, patience and failure to succeed in deluding u.

Illusion is a science less talked about in our country and magic is a dysfunctional name given to it.† But I have been lucky to be on the other side of the curtain and my humble self want to share my good fortune with appreciating minds. So may I introduce myself to you? I am BIJOUX the illusionist. Now if u think thatís all I have to offer. You are obviously wrong. I am an illusionist with a difference. Let me ask u a question. What would u call an illusionist who also creates movement? Answer...? BIJOUX